2018 Tournament Schedule

May 21  Restaurant Assoc.  1:00PM  Contact: Earl Mulley-450-3901

May 22  Front 9 Closed

May 23  Back 9 Closed

May 24  344th  8:00AM  Contact:  LT Kumar-209-817-5715

June 16  St Mary's  12:00 Noon Contact: Monica Nazarro-300-5479

June 23-24  Pan Am Championship 8:00AM  Contact: Darrell Roberson-478-442-7885

June 25  WTJCT  8:00AM  Contact: Chandra Hall-817-938-3708

July 4  Red, White & Blue 9:00AM  Contact: Darrell Roberson-478-442-7885

July 26-27 WTJCT Championship 8:00AM  Contact: Chandra Hall-817-938-3708

Aug. 11-12  Father Son  8:00AM  Contact: Steve McAndrew-512-925-6108

Aug. 17 Dos Amigos Skins Game 12:00  Contact: Darrell Roberson-478-442-7885

Aug. 18-19  Dos AMigos  8:00AM  Contact: Darrell Roberson-478-442-7885

Aug. 25  VFW  8:00AM  Contact: John Muckleroy-227-9698

Aug. 27  Front 9 Closed

Aug. 28  Back 9 Closed

Sept. 8  Trinity Luthern  8:30AM  Contact: Fred Handley-947-0846

Sept. 15  Veribest  8:00AM  Contaact: D. McWilliams-654-1461

Sept. 22  House Of Faith  8:30AM  Contact: Ferd Kohen-234-1799

Sept. 29  Community Hospital  8:00AM  Contact: Rickey Zuniga-234-4068

Oct. 6 Mary & Nathaniel Hankins Invitational 1:00PM Contact: Robert Marks-210-636-2395

Oct. 13, 2018 Turn The Paige. Putt for Life Contact: Kelly Pearce-432-413-7637

Nov. 18  Pan AM Turkey Shoot 10:00AM Contact: Darrell Roberson-478-442-7885