Quicksand Members and Guests

Branden Phillips ( Superintendent) and I have ben working on some ideas to improve

the existing eighteen holes.

We are installing two new restrooms to eliminate the Porta Pots. We will be building desert scapes on the front nine to blend in with the back nine.

We will sod the bare areas along the cart paths and add soil to areas that will route the water away from the cart paths.

Number 6 is presently going thru a major improvement and will not interfere with normal play.

Number 2 will soon have a major renovation in the area where the water pools on the curve and a large desert scape will be installed on the hillside after the curve.  Will not interfere with play. We will remove some Mesquite trees and high weeds from the left side of number 3 to enhance the view of the lake. 

Some of the bunkers will be reclassified as waste bunkers. We will repair the ones in the most need with greenside bunkers having priority.

There will be no increase in price due to these improvements. These are some of the improvements we will be doing in preparation for Quicksand Tomorrow.


​Branden and Jack